A cozy little notice

*M-Style Spring Festival +TTYA four collection, now to February 28th TTYA collection period, as long as the micro-blog is forwarded to the 3 circle of friends and baby @M-Style watchdog meow, can participate in the lucky draw activities. Selected Awards 1 to get the TTYA6 zebra T AVA a ( random color), another 4 NK running shoes, a pair of ( 4 or 6 color optional ), freight self-care, details to the home notice shall prevail.

* [ JTM ] pointed fur boots should you request, finally out of the uncle size. Like the pro hurriedly clap.

* DOLL M.ART jellyfish family clothes except is sold in stores, the shop also began selling. Like them quickly. Clothes and shoes together take home! Don't buy separately. Save a lot of freight oh.

* the entity shop at the normal time, business hours:

Monday - Thursday 11:00am-8:30pm

Friday - Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm

*M-Style micro-blog: http://weibo.com/bjdshoes

Please concern and attention of the latest promotions and shelves!

* original Korean production of imported TTYA, LEEKE clothes ready. To ensure genuine and unit price and official website synchronization. Like friends please hurry! The first spot sold many!

The *M-Style store address : Guangzhou city Yuexiu District animation Star City West negative three BW328